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Yea, but noadays kids have all them Starbucks drinks. like otter pops

I do! It was fun until the whole swing set fell over.

My friend Carolyn & I swung so high we toppled the swing set over.We survived,got the wind knocked out of us. We were much more careful after that incident.

those thick scrunch socks

Slouch socks… loved loved loved these, with my high school uniform

Bath Oil Beads. When Mama would put one of these in my bath water, you couldn't tell me nothin'!!

Do you remember bath beads? They were so pretty but they made the tub SO slippery.recently I looked everywhere for these but now they have bath bombs

The Raggy Dolls - made imperfectly....this is me, lol.I lvd show as a child 2.

The Raggy Dolls - made imperfectly.so if you've got a lump on your nose or bump and fingers are all thumbs, stand on your two left feet & join the raggy dolls song

1980s Flex shampoo and conditioner - this smelt divine and was my favourite for years!

Flex shampoo and conditioner - this stayed in your hair making it heavy and clumpy

Vintage Max Factor Lip Potion Kissing Gloss....this was my favorite lip gloss. Tuitti Fruitti and Bubblegum were my absolute favorites by Max Factor! I wish I could find this somewhere to buy again...

Max Factor Roll On Lip Potion - my favourite was Mint flavour.

Who remembers 'Big' slides? Health and Safety would never allow these again.

I❤️Nostalgia on

Basil Brush. Boom Boom

'Basil Brush' )fictional red fox on daytime British children's…

1980s Forever Friends Bear Metal Pencil Case Tin Hinged Lid 7.5

1980s Forever Friends Bear Metal Pencil Case Tin Hinged Lid 7.5" x 3.5" x 1"

The Body Shop fruit shaped soap. For me, these came to be the smell of Christmas. My daughter used to have them in her stocking every year when young and the smell was incredibly pervasive.

It was 1976 when Anita Roddick opened the Shop. She actually kind of borrowed the idea from a shop she had visited in California