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an american flag with the words i think someone protecting our country should get paid more than a
A soldier should be paid more...
Stupid People, Casey Anthony, Liberals, Cynical, Hypocrisy, Libtards
two women are shown with the caption don't you dare try to tell me there's no media base?
Chelsea's married to George Soros' nephew. Why not ask her how she feels about her Nazi-collaborator family head?
a group of football players sitting on the sidelines
Fact! #AmericaFirst ❤️ #RespectTheFlag #ThankAVet #ThankASoldier #BoycottTheNFL
a man standing next to a baby in a crib on the set of news
The Wonderful World of Stu: America's View On Abortion
The Wonderful World of Stu: America's View On Abortion - YouTube
a man in a suit adjusting his tie
I voted. Here is who I voted for, and why you should do exactly the same thing.
Why I'm voting for Evan McMullin. Boom. Go to the profile of STU BURGUIERE
an american flag with the words not taking refugees and closing our borders doesn't mean we
Not taking refugees & closing our borders doesn't mean we,'re mean. I lock my doors every night. I don't lock them because I hate the people outside. I lock them because I LOVE the people INSIDE!!!
#DefundPP #DefundPlannedParenthood Conservative Politics, Free Speech, Mental Disease
Voices for Life on Twitter
#DefundPP #DefundPlannedParenthood
george washington with an american flag in the background and a quote on it that says,
Update On “Car Stops” And The Bundy Ranch Scene: Sandman Sends
G. Washington knew the greatest threat to our freedom was our own government.
a police badge with the words police lives matter share this if you agree show our men and women in this profession we care
Support Law Enforcement !!! ❤ Living where Aaron Allen lost his life, just trying to help an overturned vehicle and the passenger goes ballistic and overreacted with force. He was doing his job...do you have a job that might get you shot every time you respond?
a man in a suit and tie standing at a podium with a quote on it