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8.2K views · 8.2K reactions | Learn how to freeze garlic to use in your recipes by @feelgoodfoodie INGREDIENTS 5 garlic bulbs or 3 cups garlic cloves INSTRUCTIONS 1. If garlic isn’t peeled, peel it by hand, or by using a peeler tube or by using the shaking method inside a mason jar. Just place unpeeled garlic cloves inside a clear mason jar, screw on the lid and shake vigorously until all the peel is removed. 2. Using a paring knife, remove any green sprouts or brown stems from the individual peeled garlic cloves. 3. Add the garlic cloves to a food processor fitted with a metal blade. Process in short pulses until the garlic is evenly minced. Be sure to stop and scrape down the sides as needed. You can stop when its just minced or continue until it becomes a paste. I prefer the paste. 4. Transfer the garlic paste into small freezer safe storage bags. You can use a knife to draw lines to partition small 1 inch squares, which will be equivalent to about 1 teaspoon of garlic paste. 👋 Follow @deliciouseatsig_1m for delicious recipes daily. #AmericanEats #YummyYankee #StatesideSustenance #USKitchenDelights #FlavorsOfTheStates #USAFeasts #FoodieStarsAndStripes #TasteOfAmerica #USculinaryadventure #AmericanFlavorJourney | DeliciousEatsIG🥗🍛🍰 | deliciouseatsig_1m · Original audio
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Freezing Brussels Sprouts
Freezing Brussels sprouts when they’re in season is worth the effort. Learn tips for freezing this vegetable from experts at HGTV Gardens.
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Blanching & Freezing Carrots
blanching and freezing carrots
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Start A Fire
7 Days of Pre-made, drop into the blender-Green Morning Smoothies! What I did for 1 week PREP today: (You can use ANY favorite combo of fruits or make these for any # servings/days -adjust!) 2 servings per day for 1 week: 7 or more gallon Ziploc Freezer bags, large tupperware containers, OR...
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Home - A to Z for Moms Like Me
Freeze your celery and green onions! What?!?! This is one of those things that can make or break a recipe, but we don't use it enough to always have it on hand, so freezing it is awesome!