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#memes #funny - Zombie setting where the undead are drawn towards unhygienic scents, so survivors constantly bathe to avoid being eaten. Zombies are docile when adorned with flowers Settlements overgrown with herbs and flora Barely any banditry; everyone is focused on farming and gathering. Different human factions and towns named after flowers like Lilies, Orchids, Roses, etc. Instead of immediately killing an infected survivor, they're given special funeral rites - the zombie is covered with flowers to keep them calm, and allowed to walk out from the settlement to join the hordes. #this makes me curiously sad #the idea of flowers covering the undead #that symbol of human love is what makes them docile low me to zombies Thank you all for the responseslll! I got a few more notes to share from folks asking me about this setting -D It's incredibly risky to attack zombies. The scent of the attacker's aggressive intent coupled with spilled pungent rotten blood drives other zombies into a frenzy. Zombies given funeral rites grow flowers within their bodies, eventually bursting from their chest and head area. These zombies are naturally gentle and their presence tames other zombies in the vicinity. Due to their helpfulness, it's taboo to harm "blooming' undead: Sweaty summers are the worst and everyone hopes they have enough dried flowers to last the winter. Ita colourful apocalypse! An overabundance of flowers in the world leads to plenty of dyes and busy little honey beesll Scented candles are a thriving export. Survivors who help spread flowers, look after "blooming undead, cull the hordes, and herd zombies away from safe areas are affectionately called Florists. Regular weapons such as guns and knives are still used but everyone prefers perfumed water guns, spray bottles, and incense. Zombies are so overwhelmed by the pleasant scent of rain that entire hordes cease movement until it's gone. Someone tagged this with how it would be an amazing game to play and THEY'RE RIGHT. OPEN WORLD FLORAL ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE FARMING FUCK YES PLEASE - iFunny
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3) writing-in-the-grave I think I might have a new horrible, terrible, fucking amazing story idea. ps writing-in-the-grave Okie dokie it took a very disturbing turn very quickly but here's the idea; Imagine the tiniest, most wimpy, pathetic, pitiful dragon you possibly can. She's got blunt horns and blunt teeth, and her claws aren't very sharp! She's a little smaller than your average house cat! Her name is Altheria. Her hoard consists of; 1. One dirty gold coin ENE And she's so little she can't even hold the coin in one paw. It's not a big coin, she's just little and doesn't have thumbs! So the other dragons are all bigger and greedy, and very mean to her. She's struggling to hold onto her one pathetic coin, and these other dragons are fucking HUGE with caves full of gold, yet they're super greedy and want all the gold they can get! So one of them sees Altheria's single little - iFunny
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