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Time for Sight Words....Watches! Kids can have fun wearing their sight word watches and learn a new sight word! SUPER FUN!

Look at your picture, use the words to make a sentence that makes sense- read to check- write your sentence

4 Fine Motor Activites using LEGO Bricks

'Marvin the addition monster' Adapted from the 'adding wall' that my teaching mentor showed me. Pick a card (visual reps on cards) and put corresponding number ring on Marvin's horn. Put correct amount of blue counters down one horn, and yellow down the other. Open Marvin's mouth and you've got the new total! Perfect for FS2 addition work! #teaching #maths

CVC Words Roll (Miss Giraffe's Class)

First of all - Happy Friday, friends!! I have been very busy but wanted to take a second to tell...

Fine Motor Color Sorting Activity for Kids

Tripod grasp activity for preschoolers and toddlers. So much learning with this cheap and easy activity~ colors, sorting, patterns, counting... {Sugar Aunts}