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Goudhurst Duck Pond

Badgers Revenge Wolverine Badger Fighting Mascot Body Vector would like to let the British Government know that if the Badger cull is not stopped by 2PM this afternoon GMT GOD will dissolve Parliament for the last time ever and Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II will take over all affairs of Government the House of Commons will be sacked. NO FURTHER NOTICE WILL BE GIVEN. Love from GOD.

Katy Perry rocks NINE outfits on the first night of her Prismatic Tour

Meow: Katy looked to be having a great time as she performed on stage in her fetching pink catsuit @KatyPerry3Porn DINOSAUR KATY PERRY became porn industries most prolific whore when KATY PERRY became the 1st to have ANALSEX on a 1BILLION websites, s unavailable to comment always fucked unprotected #PROUD Mom MARY cursed her DEVIL CHILD ADULTERESS KATY MARRIED JESUS. ORLANDO BLOOM IS THE ANTI-CHRIST…

Red Light District / De Wallen (De Wallen)

City of Hollywood

@katyperry is an MK Ultra mind controlled sex-kitten in Wonderland #sexslave…