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a pink and red wreath is hanging on the wall in front of a blue background
Pink Luxury Pompom Wreath
Pink Pompom wreath (keeping with the 'Barbie' trend of 2023!) We make to order but do have some ready to be shipped now. There are around 53 pompoms on each large wreath we make. They measure 45cm in diameter. Tinsel wool on some pompoms is optional.
a white and pink disco ball with a panda face on it's side against a pink background
Digital Print, Light Pink Disco Ball, Printable Wall Art, Pink Wall Art - Etsy
a set of stairs leading up to a tiled wall
Sparkling DIY Disco- Inspired Staircase
Sparkling DIY Disco- Inspired Staircase
a shiny disco ball sitting on top of a wooden table next to a green plant