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Art I collect to inspire my own pieces. Impressionism, surrealism, magic-realism, illustration, portraiture, painting.
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Kate Prior
Kate Prior

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Roots by Colwin Thomas
Tree houses
illustration #art #illustration

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character design | Tumblr More
Pick one and one of my oc's or what you would like to see me draw. I will probably only be doing a few of these.
Scott Watanabe - Meg Expressions - Paperman. Find more at & and learn how to draw: concept art, from the art of Disney, Pixar, Studio Ghibli and more || ✤


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Ukiyo-e, Edo period, "Crane, Waves and Rising Sun", Koryusai
Garabating — Ikenaga Yasunari
At the heart of Japanese philosophy and wisdom lies a concept called ‘wabi-sabi’; a term which denotes a commitment to the everyday, the melancholic, the som...

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