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Pink, pungent, and often used. Originally a thick antiseptic ointment with a distinctive pink color and scented with oil of wintergreen that came in the pictured tin. Invented by cough mixture tycoon Sir William Henry Veno, in 1925. I kept one of the old tins-- just because. Now it's a cream in a tube.

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Enjoy the snowy winter wonderland while it lasts: After temperatures plunged to MINUS 18C - get ready for the half term thaw

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The Tree Tots are another very collectible line of toys from the 1970's, made by Kenner.

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CANDY STRIPE FLANNELETTE SHEET SET - Great cheap way to buy flannelette for quilting projects

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The Genuine Raleigh Chopper. Bicycle Retailer & Industry News - Alan Oakley, Chopper designer, dies at 85

Vintage 1970s 1980s WEEBLE WOBBLE Figure

Bod - which was your favourite? Bod? Aunt Flo? Frank the Postman? Farmer Barleymow? or PC Copper?