One of my favourite experiences in Kerala - the Kathakali Performance - we had front row seats

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Kathakali Dancer

Kathakali is a highly stylised Indian dance form from Kerala, known for the bright and colourful faces of the dancers

Kathakali- Dance form from southern part of India, Kerala © All rights reserved

Kathakali- KRISHNA is the character that is depicted in this picture of the Dance form from southern part of India, Kerala.

Kathakali Dance

Kathakali performer in the virtuous pachcha (green) role in Chennai, South India. Kathakali is the ancient classical dance form of Kerala. Photograph by Arvind Balaraman.

A highly stylized classical Indian dance-drama noted for the attractive make-up of characters, known as Kathakali

A Kathakali dancer- another traditional dance of Kerala that depicts stories. Only males are taught the art of this dance.

Kerala kathakali dancer painting

Kathakali dancer home wall decor reproduction painting on woven bamboo mat

Kathakali dancer in traditional costume, Kochi - India by Eric Lafforgue, via Flickr

instead of waiting for other sunsets try to be yourself a dawn (Kathakali Fort Kochin / Eric Lafforgue)

Saatchi Art Artist Nithyanand Shankar; Painting, “Kathakali Dancer” #art

Kathakali Dancer Painting by Nithyanand Shankar

Saatchi Art: Kathakali Dancer Painting by Nithyanand Shankar