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Diwali (Festival of lights) at Amritsar

'We out here li(o)ving the #creative life' AmAzInG and creative design by @jabar_jung

"The body and mind are cooled and soothed by the touchstone of Truth. This is the true mark of wisdom: that one remains detached like the water-lily or the lotus on the water. Attuned to the Shabad one becomes sweet like the juice of sugarcane." (Guru Granth Sahib Ji 152) --great capture by @yc_nagarkirtan during this past year's Nagar Kirtan in Yuba City.

#ekonkar lovely artwork by @priyajshahart :)

Golden Temple, Amritsar India - This Sikh Temple is covered in gold and looks like it is floating in the middle of a lake. It's beautiful when the sunset reflects off the gold. I had the amazing opportunity to visit with a Sikh friend who explained everything to me!

O Templo de Ouro Amritsar, Índia

36 Places You Need See In Your Life

Golden temple, Amritsar (Sri Harmandir Sahib) - build with four doors to show that people of all religions are welcome

Golden Temple: Amritsar, India - I love this view of the temple, from above. It shows how magnificent the whole complex is.

The Golden Temple ~ Amritsar, India