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World Heritage Sites in and around Delhi - Placed on the banks of river Yamuna, the Taj Mahal is a beautiful white-marble mausoleum in the Mughal city of Agra. Renowned worldwide as ‘the jewel of Muslim architecture in India’, it was commissioned by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.


Destination Of The Week : Wildflower Hall, Shimla

Wildflower Hall, #Shimla : Your #travel can never really be complete without the perfect stay. You need to have a good hotel or #resort where you can rest as well as enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings. Wildflower Hall, Shimla is a great place where you can enjoy your stay and plan the #trip properly.


Destination Of The Week : National Highway 22, Shimla

National Highway 22, #Shimla : The Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple is located very close to the #national_highway_22 of Shimla. This road may also be commonly referred to as the Hindustan-Tibet Road. It is fun driving through these roads. More info - #travel #tourism #attraction


Places to visit near Hyderabad.

Places to visit near #Hyderabad. - #Pocharam_dam reservoir, Medak: 110 km. from Hyderabad, 15 kms from medak town on the medak-yellareddy road. A nice drive (car/bike) of 100 km on the Hyderabad – #Narsapur – Medak road takes you to medak town.15 km from medak is the Pocharam lake. A nice place to have a picnic as well as camping. You can go play in the water also, but it will be muddy or thorny at some places. #touristplaces #travel #vacation


Nehru Bridge

#NehruBridgeAhmedabad, #Gujarat, #India, is a major bridge over the river Sabarmati, and serves as an artery of major public transport for the city of Ahmedabad. It is ideally a place to feel the beauty of the riverside. Nehru Bridge include modern construction with the latest technology to enhance its durability.Carriage way of this bridge is of 8.30mt and 1.50mt with wider footpaths on both sides for the pedestrians. #tourism #attraction

Desstination Of The Week : Senchal Lake Darjeeling

The #SenchalLake near #Darjeeling is located on the south-eastern side of this entrancing #hillstation of #India. It is about 10 kilometers away from the main #town area. The #Senchal #Lake acts as the #reservoir of the #water supply of the Queen of the #Himalayas. #westbengal #trip #nature #naturelove

Destination Of The Week : Chadwick Falls, Shimla

Chadwick Falls, #Shimla : You cannot miss the beautiful Chadwick Falls of Shimla in your #trip. It is a lovely waterfall, which abounds in natural grace. Every year, a vast number of tourists go to Shimla to view these falls. It falls from a height of 1586 meters making it truly unique. The falls is located in the midst of thick green woods. #travel #wanderlust #destination #tourism

Top 5 Places To #Visit In #Greece - The ancient republic of Greece was known by its erstwhile name Hellas in ancient times. Greece is considered to be the country of origin of all the western civilization, democracy, and all western #philosophy, literature. #travel #tourism #wanderlust

Dorje Drag Monastery – Calmness at A New Level

Dorje Drag #Monastery - Calmness at a New Level - Dorje Drag Monastery, #Shimla is approximately 16 kilometres away from central Shimla, so my ever dependence on buses came into play there as well. That #monastery promised more #photographs and knowledge and maybe a bit of incarnation as well. #travel #tourist #wanderlust #destination

Himachal State Museum, Shimla – An Amazing Place

#Himachal_State_Museum, Shimla – An Amazing Place - The Himachal State Museum, #Shimla, which was my destination at that moment, is a house of carefully collected and well-preserved works of artistic value. So I took a bus from the Photo Gallery, Shimla to the State Museum. #travel #historicalplaces #tourism