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A FRAGRANT RITUAL Inspired by the magical ‘chirag’ (lamp) of a Persian folk tale, our ‘Chirag Dhuna,’ handcrafted in brass, celebrates the ancient tradition of using fragrant incense to purify the home. Use the dhuna at dawn or dusk as a daily ritual. Allow the streaming fragrant smoke to waft around the house. Use under the bed and in closets for a delicate fragrance that keeps insects at bay.  Shop the Chirag #Dhuna on our #WebBoutique .  #FragrantWorld #SustainingTradition

CHIRAG DHUNI Hinged brass Duni decorated with an intricate floral jaal. Place charcoal embers and powdered resin in the fumer, streaming fragrant smoke around the house. Use as a daily ritual at dawn and dusk.

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The Bollywood Romance Of Leelu & Pavan!