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watercolor painting of flowers and leaves on a white background with pink, green, yellow, purple, and red colors
Surimono Berry
pipes are lined up on top of a wooden board with metal fittings around them
Do-It-Yourself Bracelet Counter Display
an old wooden crate filled with different types of beads and necklaces on display in a store
Ideas for Displaying Small Goods in Vendor Booths
via Sassy Trash
several different types of beads are on display
a wooden stand with bracelets and beads on it
a woman is cutting fabric on a pink mat
DIY - Présentoir bracelets - Bracelets display/stand
an open box with many different types of bracelets in it sitting on a table
Upcycled Leather & Rhinestone Jewelry and Design ~ Mens & Womans ~ Sharing Crafting Tips
Jewelry Display, Craft Fair, Show Ideas, Upcycled Jewelry and Design
there are several different items in the box and on the table, including an object that looks like a roll of toilet paper
before and after photos of a kitchen countertop with orange colored items on the shelves
an open box with four different types of breads in it sitting on a table
a store filled with lots of different types of necklaces and bracelets on display