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श्रीमत्प्रसन्नशशिपन्नगभूषणाय , शैलेन्द्रजावदनचुम्बितलोचनाय । कैलासमन्दरमहेन्द्रनिकेतनाय , लोकत्रयार्तिहरणाय नम: शिवाय ॥ 2 ॥ I Pray to thee, O Shiva, who wears the moon and snakes for decoration, who is adored (kissed on his eyes) by Parvati (daughter of Himalaya), who resides on Mount Kailash and Mahendra, and who relieves the universe of its pains and suffering.

The most famous incarnations of Shiva are the meditator, the blessing (the karma yogi), the ego sacrificer (subordinated under the goddess Kali/under the will of God) and the dancer with the life (Nataraja).He lives his life with the qualities of earth (associated with Brahma, happiness), fire (associated with Rudra, power), water (associated with Vishnu, love), air (associated with Muni, wisdom) and ether (associated with all that exist, space,transcendence)!