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Baby Sloth Refuses to Eat without a Suitable Cuddle Buddy

Baby Sloth Refuses to Eat without a Suitable Cuddle Buddy

It's time to learn a lot of very interesting facts about baby sloths, first and foremost among which is the technical term for a baby sloth is baby sloth, or baby Megalonychidae/Bradypodidae. Excellent! Moving right along, baby sloths really like to hug, nuzzle, and generally do all of the adorable things we demand of suitable domestic animal companions. They like contact so much, in fact, that they will literally starve to death and then come back and haunt whoever denied them cuddles.

He must have given that couch his seal of approval

Those who wander are not lost

Hello, my name is Laura. I devour books like a hungry beast. And listen to music like a wolf hearing a call. I aspire to be a writer of epic, a lover of mythology and folklore.

why modern art is shit wtf fun facts

Why modern art is shit - WTF fun facts

Unbelievable facts

Dogs laugh often but humans have trouble recognizing it because it sounds like they’re just panting.

Weird Facts

Humpback whales protect other animals from killer whales, but nobody knows why. There are numerous documented cases of humpbacks actively seeking out orcas and sabotaging their attempts to hunt prey,...