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As soon as i say I have no friends everyone wanna act fake offended. But who talks to me everyday? Who checks up on me, who don't hmu when they need me No one right so I got no friends

I have no friends but I have siblings so ig that alright just wanna have some friends tho it's lonely cause all my siblings have close friends and then there's me yall are all I got you guys are it for me -SKYE

I always said you made me a better woman !! You always did ... and I miss you everyday ...Always will..

I took myself home cos more I drank the more sad I got an I don't wanna be a dickhead I love her and I shouldn't and I don't know how to make it stop or go away its fucking killing me it's fucking me up and I don't know how to turn it off

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I saw this post on Facebook the other day, and when I read through it, something didn’t quite sit right with me. As someone who has been struggling with Depression for many years, I am no stranger …

A neuro-biochemical illness we fight every day. We dont want pity --we ask for moments of understanding & compassion. We use therapy, trial-and-error medication "cocktails, " & every available tool and sometimes it's all just too much.