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an image of two ghost faces with bats on their heads, one has a broom and the other has a hat
the element inktober is shown on a purple background with gold trimmings
nat, 16 on Instagram: “element inktober . hi, my own #inktober list is here! i wanted to create something special, something that i haven’t seen done before (tho…”
the poster for inktola's upcoming show is shown in blue and purple
🌙🔮Cursed Relics🔮🌙, AlbaBG
a pink poster with white stars and bats on it that says artober karteroos prop list
Kate💕Gay Clown Era💕 on Twitter
an advertisement for the wickyy propps tour, with information about their upcoming dates
Miss Alchemist aka @alchcraft
an image of a list for the inktober list
Simon Fletcher