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Once the pattern is used on a garment it changes it slightly because of seams and it does not always match making new strong lines with in the pattern. Geometric shapes are created. The pattern itself has been cut and sliced and put together creating a new ones along the skirt, the front of the skirt looks like it could be a mirrored pattern. Primary and secondary where the colours used in this pattern making it very vibrant but work together as they are complimentary

Only primary colours are used giving it a bright and joyful feeling. The shape in this pattern is a seven diamonds layered. This piece is a mirrored pattern the man motif being the diamond which has been repeated three times and then mirrored. Lines in this are very defined and stand out mostly because of the colour choice.

The lines in this in this print are very strong exaggerating the contours of the diamond and triangle the size of each shapes are consistent the larger diamond shapes create a negative shape of a smaller diamond.This piece is a repeat pattern the main motif in this pattern would be the large diamond shape. Both primary colours and monochromatic shades.