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If you are planning to purchase Mil spec wire it is very important to choose the right type of cable. KC Electronics provides high quality Mil spec wire in NYC. To buy call us at 631-689-2200.


Cable Tie is one of the most useful fasteners, made of a very strong nylon that is even hard to cut with a knife and scissors.


It is prudent to know the size of the stud with which you want to connect the ring terminal and the size of the wire gauze itself and the types of insulation is required for the terminal.

Many teflon wire distributors provide good products in market, but you cannot trust every distributor to provide the quality you desire for your electrical application. So, it is vital for your business that you choose a reliable distributor. With that you can ensure that you get the right and high quality wires.

The best feature of the Teflon wire is that they intend to operate best with cables at temperature going above 150 degrees and increasing to the 200 degrees Celsius range.

Also known as PTFE wires, is able to tolerate a very high temperature of around 200 C, thus they are found to be widely used in many different electronic applications.

The Industrial Alkaline Battery Distributors should deliver the supplies in a timely manner and provide the customer friendly services with no complaint of counterfeiting.

The authorized distributor provides various offers and discounts to the consumers that can be used to minimize payments and fees. Distributors work directly for the company and charge no interest on the prices. Consumers can save a big amount by buying a product directly from the distributors.

Heat Shrink Gun comes with distinguished features like a main control switch, temperature setting option, airflow setting, thermal cut out, flex length, hanging hook, surface stand, and nozzles. Heat Shrink Comes with all these features in the market which help to maximize its demand and value in the market.

These days, there are a number of Teflon wire distributors available in the market. However, it becomes very important to buy the wire from a reputed distributor in your area. Firstly, he will make sure to provide you the best quality wire. In addition, he will ensure that you do not face any serious problem in future.