Chris Maclean poster design

Griffin Theatre Company - Chris Maclean T Gasseling Leisy Poster Eriksson Kaltenbach GmbH Aussenwerbung

Beetle by Mangle Prints (lino print and wax)

Lovely rough print style and repetition at different tones - - - - - - - - beetle lino print and wax - Mangle Prints

Dragonflies by Mangle Prints - I would love this. Love love love.

Amanda Colville is a printmaker and artist with a passion for all things print, pattern and colour. Using an old washing mangle as a printing press, she creates linocut prints and artwork from her home in Norfolk.

All the Pretty Little Accents.

Art Deco Wallpaper Also called art moderne, Art Deco was characterized by linear decorative designs that were reminiscent of modern tec.

PRINT Beetle Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed by flyingshoes

Beetle Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page - flying shoes art studio. This image inspired me through the use of various materials such as paints and pen. The beetles also go with my theme of insects.

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