Keegan Burkhart

Keegan Burkhart is described by his employer as a hard working, dedicated, and loyal employee. Keegan Burkhart recently earned a promotion that will be effective June 1, 2013. Keegan Burkhart is very excited about the new responsibilities he will have when he transitions into the position of Credit Manager. Keegan Burkhart has worked for his employer for the past six years. During that time he has learned a lot about the field of credit management.
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Keegan Burkhart is a resident of the Tampa, Florida area. He enjoys the warm climate that Tampa, Florida has to offer. Keegan Burkhart enjoys participating in many outdoor activities, so Tampa is a great place for him to call home. Tampa, Florida is a great place to swim, fish, snorkel, golf, and hike according to Keegan Burkhart. Keegan Burkhart also enjoys exploring the numerous off-roading trails near Tampa, Florida. Keegan Burkhart is proud to be a Tampa, Florida resident.

Keegan Burkhart is an off-road enthusiast. There are few things that he enjoys more than jumping in his Jeep and heading out to one of the many off-road trails near his home. Keegan Burkhart is always sure that his Jeep is ready for the adventure by performing some simple maintenance tasks. It is important to check the oil and gas levels in your vehicle. Keegan Burkhart notes that tire condition is another important aspect of a safe off-roading experience.

Keegan Burkhart enjoys many outdoor activities. He is a big proponent of physical fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle. His favorite outdoor activity is snowboarding. Keegan Burkhart enjoys all aspects of snowboarding from racing to performing tricks. Snowboarding is a great sport that allows you to challenge your physical abilities notes Keegan Burkhart. Snowboarding is a good sport to try if you enjoy winter sports. Keegan Burkhart's favorite place to snowboard is in Colorado.

Keegan Burkhart is a good example of an American patriot. Keegan Burkhart feels that it is important to play a productive role in society. He has been committed to the same employer for the past six years. During that time Keegan Burkhart has been a model employee. He has received praise for his outstanding attendance as well as his high quality job performance. Keegan Burkhart also feels that a good citizen should spend time doing volunteer work in the community.

Keegan Burkhart is a huge fan of the state of Colorado. It is the favorite vacation destination of Keegan Burkhart. He enjoys spending time surrounded by the natural beauty of the state. Keegan Burkhart appreciates the picturesque landscapes and the state's many rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, and deserts. He finds the combination of all these elements breathtaking. Keegan Burkhart is also a snowboard enthusiast who finds Colorado to offer some of the best trails and parks in the country.

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