Keen Who Is A Bean

Keen Who Is A Bean

Asian who likes K-Pop // Generic Asian no one likes :) // Point, Aim, Fire
Keen Who Is A Bean
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Forreallllll . . People lame .

I hate it when you show people a song you love and no one cares, but then 3 moths later everyone is singing it cause it's on the radio.anddd by that time I am sick of the song and totally over it!


That awkward little half running walk thing you do when a car lets you cross the road. i so do this - with the thank you wave of course. Ok, also while looking down because the last thing I want to do is trip and fall down in front of said car.

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yup haha too lazy to avoid the door and avoids that chance at an awkward moment whn they're mom answers the door

All the time.

I do that all the time! I just sit there playing games on my iPod or something. I have no idea why, I just do. So yup, every morning for school, no wonder I never have time to get ready.