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When Shri Krishna descended in the age of Dvaapar as a curly-haired, rosey-cheeked baby Who possessed as much splendor as the Universe itself, Lord Shiva rushed to Gokul to visit Him. He begged and pleaded repeatedly with Yashoda Maa to have a mere glimpse of the Divine Child, but Yashoda Maa objected each time, reasoning that her precious Babe would become frightened by Lord Shiva’s appearance: his long matted hair, his several cobras, his body adorned with ashes.


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Ardhanarishvara' che significa signore che è per metà donna Ardhanarishvara è una divinità androgina composto da Shiva e la sua consorte Shakti, che rappresenta la sintesi delle energie maschili e femminili. Secondo molte scritture, tutto in questo universo proviene da Ardhanarishvara e torna in Ardhanarishvara dopo il completamento del suo ciclo di vita.

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