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Color painting using abstract shapes and brush strokes and splatters, face/portrait

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Lip studies

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"Rebellious Silence" Shirin Neshat, 1994. (photo taken by C. Preston). Neshat is an Iranian visual artist living in New York, whose work deals primarily with issues of identity and sexuality for Muslim women.

123: SHIRIN NESHAT, Rebellious Silence from Woman of Al : Lot 123

This fashion illustration by Agnes Cecile is more vibrant and experiments with colour. It shows variation and individuality! It could be a way of experimenting with colour for garments as a colour chart

Creative Boys Club » Paintings by Silvia Pelissero ”Agnes Cecile”

Art by Agnes Сecile

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Large Canvas Prints - Art Prints for Sale | Terrin Art When The Ocean Talks

Large Canvas Prints - Art Prints for Sale | Terrin Art

Collaged Face Texture! paper art Visual Texture Suitable to aid with GCSE Question like Textures

SODAlicious: No 14 ► art journal

by Ian Ingram "1951", 2008

by Ian Ingram "1951", 2008

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Kelly Edwards

Josh Bryan - ” The creative process is quite simple. I make sure the image I use as a reference isn’t too well-known, even though the subjects are. I then map triangles over the face drawing, around the different tones on the face. The lines are added in afterwards to determine the amount of tone needed in each triangle.”

Triangulations – 4 portraits de Josh Bryan

I can't help but continuously post Guy Denning, how can he make the complex appear so effortless!

Guy Denning - a photo on Flickriver