Jerry House by Onion

Built by Onion,Arisara Chaktranon & Siriyot Chaiamnuay in Cha-am, Thailand with date Images by Wison Tungthunya. Jerry House is the holiday home at Cha Am Beach of Mr. Sahawat who have four sons. In they asked Onion.

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Allen Jack+Cottier transformed an old warehouse into a two-level private residence with a huge carbon-fiber sleeping pod.

14 deep space sci-fi sleep chambers to get primed for Prometheus

Jocelyne Leszczynski	, BCIT

The sleep pods allow students to lie down and shut out the world if they need a quick snooze, says library director.

Designed by Caspar Lohner, the SleepBox represents a contemporary and organic piece of furniture, designed for people who want to relax at airports, offices or other semi-public spaces, providing peace and quiet in busy urban environments.

The HUSH chair by Freyja Sewell can be converted into a private rest cocoon. It is made of wool felt. HUSH is currently just a concept, but Sewell is developing the chair for production. I want this. My hermatizing chair

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