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At KelpHR, this is what we do. We amalgamate our deep understanding of human capital with the power of the marketplace collective and leverage technology to deliver best in class HR services for global organizations.

#SexualHarassment of #Women at #Workplace Act, 2013 – India

Today it is more than a mere #buzzword. #Organizations are certainly taking employee wellness more seriously.

Can you eat the cake and have it too? Making the transformation from corporate rat race to a freelance HR professional.

Case Study on #AntiSexualHarassment - Niharika* works with a leading consulting organisation and leads a 5-member team.

We access information mainly through our three senses: see (#visual), hear (auditory) and feel (#kinesthetic).


Are your Thoughts, Words and Actions in sync? It is very often said “Mind your thoughts, for they become your actions, mind your actions for they often become a habit and mind your habits for they reflect your character”.

We are constantly living in the fear if a particular #training #program is going to meet its #objectives?

A fresher in transition from #campus to #corporate has a big challenge to adapt to the change, their travel is from assignments and semesters to #teamwork and deadlines.

Head-in-the-clouds but feet-on-the-ground #employee #engagement. OK folks, it is time to give the ‘good feel’ fella called employee engagement serious shape. How does this sound?

Prevention of #Sexual #Harassment at Workplace – Getting it Right