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Tapping back into your pelvic floor post delivery is one of the best things we can do to reconnect and start to heal. We are told we have to wait until 6-8 weeks to be cleared by our doctor to do anything, however, you can absolutely start to do pelvic floor + 360 breathing as soon as you are feeling up for it. That’s why I created my PP pelvic floor + core recovery program on @thesculptsociety that you can start as soon as you are home from the hospital or whenever you are feeling good.
Pregnancy Date Cinnamon Roll Smoothie
PREGGY DATE SMOOTHIE! For all my pregnant mamas out there around 36 weeks, here’s an easy way to get in 5 dates a day through this smoothie hack. Trust me, it tastes insane and that’s coming from me who typically preaches low sugar smoothies. Don’t worry, I’ve covered our bases with healthy fats, fiber and protein to help balance blood sugar (I wouldn’t recommend this many dates if you’re not pregnant). Tap for the full recipe!
a pregnant woman's stomach with the words, 10 ways to prevent the mommy pooch
11 Real Ways to Have a Belly ONLY Pregnancy and Prevent that Mommy Pooch!
Body-Shock: 11 Things No One Tells You About Your Post-Delivery Body - Love, Liliya
the third trimester checklist is shown in black and white, with text on it
Everything On My 3rd Trimester To-Do List - The Mama Notes
Diastasis Recti & Pelvic Floor
Are you struggling to correct #diastasisrecti or maybe your pelvic floor is not improving despite all your kegels?? It’s time to look at postural deviations. An anterior pelvic tilt can keep a Diastasis recti from improving, it can shut off your pelvic floor and it keeps your glutes at an over lengthened state. Not only that but it could be the cause of your back pain! Ouch 😣 That’s why working on correcting postural deviations is so important to correcting a DR & pelvic floor dysfunction First we want to lengthen and release tight muscles (like those sticky hip flexors) Then we want to strengthen the core and glutes to help pull the pelvis back into a more neutral position. Small changes make BIG impacts all over our body. While I LOVE a good sweat session I also love a
4 postpartum workout moves to beat the mom butt
📌 for later and follow for more postpartum recovery tips! Postpartum recovery is all about reconnecting to your muscles and bringing them back to center. In this video you’ll see how going slow and really focusing on muscle control can help beat the “Mom butt” phenomenon! Postpartum recovery | postpartum workout | mom butt workout | glute workout | butt workout | at home workout | stay at home mom workout | at home leg workout | mom fitness | mom workouts | postnatal recovery | postnatal workout
7 postpartum workout moves that target MOM BUTT, strengthen core, and get rid of back pain
WATCH these lower body strength moves that help strengthen your core and pelvic floor while getting rid of and preventing mom butt. You're a new mom but that doesn't mean you want your booty to show it! Focus on this at home glute workout for after pregnancy. And as a bonus, your lower back, pelvic floor, hip flexors and core will thank you. prolapse | ab separation | back pain | diastasis recti
10 Best Tips to Help You Prepare Your Body for Natural Labor at 37 Weeks
So what am I doing to prepare my body?? And I say PREPARE for, not begin labor, because 1) we shouldn’t “chase labor” — baby will come when baby is ready! And 2) you can do alllll these things and baby is still going to come when he/she is ready 😁 1️⃣ walking every day, stretching exercises, and sitting on an exercise ball when I’m working for getting baby in good position 2️⃣drinking 2 cups red raspberry leaf tea a day 3️⃣using the gentle birth tincture (the one without blue cohosh since there is mixed opinions on that) 4️⃣6 dates a day! (So hard because it ather have other sweets but trying not to overload on sugar so have been having those as my “dessert” for the most part) 5️⃣1 evening primrose capsule a day (vaginally has shown the most promise in studies - my midwife said t
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