interior designers van eijk

Raw Color did it again . Simply perfection and it combines all the things I love . wool , colors and translucency. Interior designers Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe were commissioned by a Dutch bank to renew their office.

Cao Hui Gutsy sculpture, Resin sculpture with human/animal innards oozing out at seams- kinda gross for some people, but interesting to me!

Cao Hui Gutsy sculpture, Resin sculpture with human/animal innards oozing out at seams- probably a for shock commentary to animal rights but still interesting if not a little cliche

#fashion #style by Fashion Chalet this could be Lauren - Not that I ever get fancy but if I DID I would like to look like this! + tall + skinny - ha!

Party Dressing Rules You Should Resolve to Break

Oscar de la Renta Resort 2013 Lurex Gold Sweater and long micropleated Gold Lame' Skirt - A STUNNER!

The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// “jellyfish in a trifle”

I like to imagine that these abstract worlds are made of candy, and are most likely home to a bunch of unicorns. These colorful layers of dots and lines are the work of Kansas based painter Jaime Rove

Undercurrent Teal Ink: Art Print, Ocean Art, Surf Watercolor, Abstract Watercolor #oceanart #oceanwatercolor #greenmachine

Undercurrent emerald ink - Teal and emerald greens show the layered depths of the ocean and its activity in this highly saturated watercolor and ink painting. The fluidity

Tiny lady and big flowers. Artist? #gt

The Night Garden Print 8x10

Artist Emily Winfield Martin // A slightly Alice-ish scene in which we dream of flowers as tall as houses

"4 Panel Weeping Willow" dans la série "Tree Drawings" de Tim Knowles (1969) artiste britannique. Cinquante stylos suspendus aux branches d'un saule pleureur pour créer un dessin sur 4 panneaux placés horizontalement sous l'arbre.

50 pens suspended from the branches of a Weeping Willow tree created a drawing on a canvas placed beneath the tree. The tree is the artist! Isn’t that a super cool and innovative idea!

Beautiful agony captured in this photograph.

Anxiety by Beethy Photography. this is amazing artwork. as someone who suffers from anxiety, I can tell you this almost gave me an attack just looking at it. This is very accurate.