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“when I left Oasis I was offered big record deals by all the majors but it never crossed my mind once to sign with them,” (…) “Once you’ve been on a label like Creation you can’t take the A&R telling you to ‘turn the hi-hat up’ seriously – I think independent music is more important now than it’s ever been!” #NoelGallagher


"I’m the middle child. I know a few people who are middle children and I get on great with them. They have a kind of laid-back attitude. I think there’s something in that. I was very much a loner as a child and that’s something that’s stayed with me. I don’t really need a great deal of people." #NoelGallagher Esquire Magazine, 2015. : © Simon Emmett.


#Repost @oasisworld ・・・ 20.10.2015 | #NoelGallagher in London after the event to party the night away at the Chiltern Firehouse. : ©, ©XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM


— Noel Gallagher: I’m never going to write a song that connects with people as much as “Don’t Look Back in Anger” has, but that doesn’t stop me from going to the well every morning. I still think there’s great songs out there that haven’t been written yet. And I still think when I’m sitting down to finish off that song I’ll come up with that line that turns it from a good song to a great song. #NoelGallagher