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Deliciously seasoned Spanish Chicken and Rice – a dish you just have to try. This is a pretty quick dish to put together, the chicken is so tender and has a flavorsome seasoning and the rice is just amazing pack with lots of veggies and never from a packet. Once you try this rice,...Read More »

Beef Stifado

A super simple Slimming World Beef Stifado recipe. The classic Cypriot beef stew, slow cooked casserole, perfect for freezing to enjoy later.

I love Hoisin Sauce, but most sauces are around 2.5 syns for a tablespoon and that isn’t going to stretch very far, when you like lots of sauce. This quick and easy recipe, still keeps that lovely Hoisin flavour but gives you more sauce for your syns. This recipe is also SP friendly, just...Read More »

In this article, we’re going to discover an amazing homemade natural drink that you take before you sleep and acts through the night! It will improve your digestion, but also help you lose weight by removing all of the toxins from your body! Nowadays, the excess of belly fat isn’t just an aesthetic problem. Doctors …

Once I get a recipe idea, it’s like a light bulb moment and can’t shift the flowing ideas until I’ve made it. I really craved a dauphinoise recipe today too (that’s PMT for you) after watching a many YouTube videos of Martin Dorey cooking in his VW camper. Side Note: we’ve recently bought a kitchenette for our […]

Syn free on green and extra easy Makes 4 portions 1 onion diced 2 red peppers cut in small pieces 2 tins of baked beans in tomato sauc...