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a black and yellow website design with a knife on it's front page that says measponte
Examples of Websites with Brilliant Navigation – KGN IT Solutions
Website navigation is one of the crucial elements of website. It should be structured well to deliver user-friendly browsing experience to the customers and make them revisit. Find the list of websites with intuitive navigation for inspiration.
an image of a laptop with icons surrounding it and the words, affiliate partnership program
SEO Check list – Key Points – KGN IT Solutions
Search Engines regularly update their algo and it is very important that to stay in the race you keep your eyes open for better results. Check out the key features for 2016 which should be taken care for effective SEO
the magel menu for an email marketing platform, with icons and buttons on it
Magento 2: Use Cart Pricing Rules | Customer Paradigm
three shopping bags with five stars around them and one has a padlock on it
8 Signs of Genuine & Real Ecommerce Website
As Ecommerce is growing at unprecedented pace, it’s so important that shopping websites adopt the policies that are reflected on their website ensuring consumer satisfaction is given utmost important. Check out how that can be achieved.
the wordpress plug is on top of a cloud with icons and symbols above it
WordPress Best Free Ecommerce Plugins for 2016
WordPress is increasingly being used as an Ecommerce system. There are several plugins available which have also evolved tremendously competing with popular Ecommerce platforms. We have compiled here list of Ecommerce plugins that can be used in WP.
the numbers are displayed in blue and black on a green background with white lettering that reads 6, 329
Fundamentals for Increasing Blog Views - Expert PHP Programmers, Magento Developers, Front End Developers, WordPress Developers, CMS and Ecommerce Website Development Service - KGN Software
an image of a computer screen with different colors and shapes on the front, side, and back
Useful jQuery Plugins – KGN IT Solutions
Web development is getting more and more interactive. With so many rich effects in demand jQuery has contributed immensely in fulfilling demand not only by providing variety of animations but making an overall process of implementing it in web development easy and quick.
an abstract background consisting of lines and shapes in blue on a black background with space for text
Top Animation Libraries To Use - Expert PHP Programmers, Magento Developers, Front End Developers, WordPress Developers, CMS and Ecommerce Website Development Service - KGN Software
several people sitting at a table with laptops and papers on it, top view
Web development is undergoing an excellent evolution. It's continuously changing with modern technology achieving new heights.
Web development is increasingly aligning itself with the consistent development of modern technology such as range of mobile devices and new development standards. The creativity, user friendliness, quality, speed etc. is the demand of the time.
the top magento extensions for 2016 are displayed in this screenshoter's image
Top Magento Extensions For 2016
Here we present some of the top Magento extensions which are really worth recommending. We have used numerous ones in our experience of Magento development but this list includes some of the best for this year.
the wordpress plugins logo with text that reads your 2016 wordpress plugins
Some very useful and must have WordPress Plugins for 2016
WordPress continues to grow with some excellent plugins which helps to enhance its core functionality. We have compiled here a list of few essential and recommended plugins for the year 2016 which should be used for a better, secure and user friendly experience.
a blue arrow pointing to the left on a white background
Tried & Effective Steps For Content Distribution - Expert PHP Programmers, Magento Developers, Front End Developers, WordPress Developers, CMS and Ecommerce Website Development Service - KGN Software
an info poster with many different types of lines and shapes in the middle of it
The State of Digital Marketing in 2016 [Study]
an advertisement for a restaurant with meat and vegetables on the table next to utensils
Latest Best WordPress Themes For Restaurant Websites 2016 – KGN IT Solutions
We have compiled a latest collection of the engaging and user-friendly restaurant websites for 2016.
an image of a web page with hay bales in the foreground and a sign that reads get in touch
Examples of Impressive Contact Forms
Drawing in the web traffic & giving user an attractive experience through home page is job half done. Now when the lead wants to contact you, presenting them with simple and creative contact form may give better results. Check here some of the best contact forms.