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Favorite foods of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wa Allahu aalam. Islamweb says: 'All the Ahaadeeth mentioned in the picture above are not authentic. For example hadith about mushroom: We have not come across the Hadeeth with the wording “Mushroom is a cure for

Sunnah Food: Truffles

What are some of the Sunnah foods mentioned in Ahadeeth? Find out more in an informative visual series designed exclusively for Hiba Magazine by Afrah Awan.

Fish is regarded as one of the foods which form the main diet for millions of people

Ajahn instructed me that a little meat is sometimes good for protein, but the Buddhist in me rebels, even though I do like fish. Fish feel pain in exactly the same way that other animals do.

Milk strengthens children’s bones and makes them taller; it replaces dead cells and prevents the disease of rickets. It strengthens their teeth because it contains calcium and phosphorus in abundant amounts and in an easily absorbed form. It is also beneficial for the chest and lungs. #SunnahFood #milk #IslamicMedicine

The importance of milk, as explained in Islamic Medicine. Yet the cow, who gives and gives of this milk that is really meant for her own children, deserves full credit for supplying us with it.

The health benefits of honey and milk include skin care and stamina development. This article elaborates the health benefits of milk and honey taken together.

Health benefits of honey and milk include healthy skin, improved stamina and healthy bones

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