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Control your nafs

The Ramadan fast is one of the biggest enemies of the Nafs. For each person who wishes to walk the path that leads to bliss, he has to realize that one of the ways to achieve that is through disciplining his Nafs.

One of the greatest means of feeling content and relaxed and of acquiring peace of mind is to remember Allah a great deal (dhikr). That has a great effect in bringing contentment and peace of mind,...

Allah says: “Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” [al-Ra’d

This is a great deprivation, as this is a very blessed moment in which duas are accepted. The last moments of the fast should be spent making much dua and beseeching Allah(swt) for His mercy and blessings, for forgiveness and for the fulfilment of one’s needs..

Day 17 Many people miss the opportunity of making du’a at the moment of breaking the fast, i. at the very last moment of Asr, before the Adhan is called for Maghrib. Don't forget to pray on that sha Allah


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