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a woman wearing an apron in a kitchen with skulls all over her shirt and smiling at the camera
A Mortician’s Beauty Secrets
A Mortician’s Beauty Secrets
a cartoon strip with a boy talking to another person in front of a tree and the caption says, i've just come back from a lot of people
Came Back Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from CartoonStock
funerals in cartoons | came back
a poem written in cursive writing on parchment paper with gold trimmings
This hangs in the funeral home I work in next to the prep room. #Love
a parking only sign with the words funeral director and an image of a headstone
Funeral Director parking
an embalm t - shirt that says never underestimite the power of a woman who can embalm
Women who embalm
the headstone of an unknown child, in memory of her children at the chicago orphanage
Pictorial Chicago - Error
Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago: Chicago Orphan Asylum Marker (sad reminder)
a painting on a stone with a waterfall in the middle
etched headstones | Let our skilled craftsmen design and craft your monument…