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Coloured spaghetti, pots, pans & utensils from (",)


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Dinosaur eggs ready to be hatched, the children loved this activity (small world dinosaurs, frozen overnight in coloured water in a balloon) they used tools and salt to hatch the Dino babies EYFS


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Mini beast collages made with garden bits :)

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Posting pasta through holes! Now that takes some careful hand to eye coordination, so that the pasta doesn't snap!

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chalks taped together to make their mark making more colourful and fun!

TTS: Outdoor Mark Making

cereal pasta and pulses construction site

Messy Play for Matilda Mae: Construction Site

fine motor strength. Hammer golf tees into a pumpkin.

Early Childhood Education and Common Sense: Me Getting a Grip

Frozen minibeast fun (",) Great idea for getting the children investigating

EXPLORING STORIES: The Very Quiet Cricket (again)

from Phoebe Gander Creative

Clean Mud ‘Recipe’

2 toilet rolls (they do not have to be wet!) 1 bar of soap Warm water you will also need a cheese grater and a large container to make the mud in.

Clean Mud 'Recipe'

Hole punching and threading leaves

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