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the cover for eight spelling rules worth teaching
Spelling Rules | Pennington Publishing Blog
Check out these eight concise spelling rules with examples and the accompanying songs to help your students memorize each rule. FUN!
a poster with words and pictures to help students learn how to use phonicic posters
Teaching Hard and Soft C & G - Make Take & Teach
a poster with words and pictures to describe the different parts of an object in english
Spelling Rule
a green and white poster with the words floss rules
The FLOSS Rule - Make Take & Teach
Free Floss Rule poster and word list. Great memory aid for teaching students when to double those final consonants.
what's the rules for this poster?
LeapingIntoLearning is coming soon
the rules for counting syllables in different colors and sizes, with text below
Improve Decoding Skills with these 2-Syllable Word Activities
some sort of words that can be used to describe the same thing in this text
Syllable Division Rules (Sarah's First Grade Snippets)
an image of a chart with words that are in the same language, and one has two
Images By Teaching Treasures On Naffu Readng 730
a page from the book phone rules for spelling with words and pictures on it,
Phonetic Rules
a page with words and pictures on it, including the words in each word are shown
What are CVC Words - and How to Use them to Teach Your Child to Read!
a poster with words and pictures on it that say long - voel teams in different languages