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T64 - This big male walked around the bend late in the evening.



Cat walk - Tiger nicknamed pacman in Ranthambhore's dry summer days.

Cat walk

Tigress cooling off - The summer afternoon got to her and she just igoned all of us near the stream and just lolled in the water for a lonh time.. Had to wait for her to glace our way.

Tigress cooling off

T60's cub - The curious cub came very close and the mother was just out of the frame watching us with concern.

T60's cub

Sloth bear - A rare sighting of the sloth bear. This odd one didnt scoot at the sight of the safari vehicle and kept walking and foraging for ants and worms as it walked right past us.

Sloth bear

Curious Tiger cub - One of T60's cubs wandered over to the safari vehicle to see what the fuss was all about. Out of the frame are the mother and two other cubs but I could not get them in one frame !

Curious Tiger cub

Tiger T64 - T64 was stalking sambar after a long lazy snooze in the stream at zone 5 of Ranthambhore. It was 46 ish in the evening and all the tigers we saw were near water cooling off. T64 decided to check out the local menu late in the evening and is seen here eyeing the nearby sambar. I was able to get a great first field session with him with the new 1DX mark II

Tiger T64

Tiger on a hot summer day - Lightning relaxing under a tree as summer hits ranthambhore. It is at its peak in June hitting nearly 50 deg centigrade and I am headed that way next week !

Tiger on a hot summer day

Tiger's gaze - One more from the series of Krishna's encounter in Ranthambhore. She was not at all camera shy !

Tiger's gaze