Slimming world chicken chow mein 2 chicken breasts 8tbs light soy sauce 1tsp Chinese 5 spice 1/2 garlic powder Mix together and marinate for 20min Meanwhile cook 250g noodles Stir fry chicken and sauce for 4/5 minutes Add 1bag of stir fry veg stir fry for another 4 minutes Add noodles and add 2tbs dark soy sauce and 1/2tsp 5 spice Stir together for 3 minutes and ENJOY

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Slimming World's diet cola chicken

Slimming World's Diet Cola chicken is simply delicious, made with tender pieces of chicken and served with plenty of fresh vegetables for lighter option. This mouth-watering meal is ready in under an hour and serves 4 people. The Diet Cola adds a sweet flavour and sticky texture - youll be hooked!

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Slimming world oaty biscuits. 27g pkt Quaker oats original, mixed into one beaten egg, add teaspoon vanilla essence and 4 tbsp sweetener, mix well. Makes 5 bake 7-10 mins at 190. Free if hex 1 syn each if not

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