The oats in these incredibly moreish flapjacks give a slow energy release for your child and the dried fruit is full of fibre. They will keep children going on busy days. These are also fun for children to make themselves.


Fruity flapjack recipe - make these flapjacks and give your kids a treat, it will be hit with the family too.

Making food attractive and fun can really make a different between your fussy eater accepting or refusing food. Presentation is very important to a child and fortunately sandwiches can come in many different shapes, sizes and colour so you can be really creative.

Kids' party food ideas, Throwing a kids' party? You'll need fun, quick and easy kids' party food ideas and recipes, especially picked out for little hands (and with no-fuss prep!

Pig water melon, oink oink sandwich

Pig water melon, oink oink sandwich