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I think this vase is quite artistic because instead of just creating the shape of the vase, they have created flowers to go on the outside. The colors used are nice too.

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I like this bowl because it has been created using leaf shapes, I think it is a very cool idea and very different, I like flowers and leaves so maybe this is something I could interpret into my design.

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I love the shape of this bowl! It is very very eye-catching and something that would make a great edition to the kitchen, it is a piece of art but it is also has a purpose and it fulfills that purpose, i like the way its been curved and twisted.

I like the shape of this bowl and how its been created using triangles, it is very simple and modern.

I love this wire bowl because it is very different, instead of creating the bowl using just simple lines, they have created it using words, i think it is very unique.

I like this vase because instead of just creating a plain vase shape, they have created a bowl shape with the vase shape in the middle, its very imaginative.