Sunanda Dasgupta

Sunanda Dasgupta

Me a complicated girl, pursuing masters.... Love to reading romantic stories,clicked picture, dress design and dance too...... :) love to make frndzz... If k
Sunanda Dasgupta
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EXO Concert in LA! EXOl r happy! What will happen if any EXO member falling love with his precious EXOL!

#wattpad #fanfiction 1 day story.. Chen Fanfic. She loves him.. He Loves her.. But they are High School Friends.. They both don't want to share about their feelings. What will happen If one day one of them want to confess.. Started - May 2017

I am going to die, go to south Korea, possess that girl and then sit like that with chen

#wattpad #fanfiction 1st time writing... too much nervous... hope its goes well...  3 photographers..3 buddies.. (Kayra, Sohyun, Mathrew)..with EXO.. Kayra.. totally Tom boy type girl.. Sohyun.. quite and shy girl.. and Mathrew guy and love to play games but some how serious about kayra.. What happened when EXO...

Read CHAPTER 10 from the story One And Only (Chanyeol & DO fanfic) by Sunny_pcy (Sunanda Dasgupta) with 23 reads. Kayra p.


EXO ♡ And here you see what happens when you call baekhyun bacon😂😂

D.O you are such a squishy~!! So cute~!! keke I wanna squish your cute face and kiss your cheek~!! *pouts* Saranghae Kyungsoo oppa~

D.O you are such a squishy~! keke I wanna squish your cute face and kiss your cheek~! *pouts* Saranghae Kyungsoo oppa~ most adorable human being ever I luv ya!


kekeke admit it gulls you can't just simply pick one bias in EXO keke~! I can't even choose between Xiumin, Chanyeol, Sehun, Luhan, and Baekhyun~! keke or i can't choose between all keke its so hard~!

EXO Chanyeol

JK~ keke we all wish our husbands are EXO members right? keke lets admit it that we want them to say this too~