screen monoprinting 01 Helen Terry


Mark making

Elsewhere: A New Art Technique to Try

A simple method for introducing print making to kids and for making DIY modern wall art. > or wrapping paper

dailyartjournal: Kitty Sabatier

dailyartjournal: Kitty Sabatier (ArtPropelled)

dailyartjournal: Kitty Sabatier - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

.ALCOHOL INK BUBBLES....3RD attempt. I was playing with 91% Alcohol here...I may…

I was playing with Alcohol here.I may have been unintentionally DRUNK for Halloween last night, just from inhaling the fumes!

Charlotte Posenenske

Charlotte Posenenske Spritzbild (Sprayed Picture) spray pigment on paper 18 x 13 cm

drawing texture value scale (from

Week 2 What are implied lines? Implied lines are paths that suggest intended movements.