I created this wound for Halloween. To create this I used scar wax, latex, fresh scab, congealed blood and grease based paints.

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This is a photo of a special effects make which I created for a victim of a coach crash. To create the wound on the chin I applied wax and then used a wooden spatula to cut the wax open and then I applied fresh scab and then congealed blood into the cut.

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Here is a makeup and hairstyle which I have created based on the 1960s. To do this I applied a white eye shadow all over the eye lid and then I applied a grey/black eye shadow to the crease of the eye. I also applied a light pink blusher and a light pink lipstick. To create the hairstyle I back combed all of the hair and then created a beehive and a French pleat at the back.

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A prom hair and makeup which I created. To do this I had to find out my clients requirements for the makeup. I started off by applying her own foundation to her face and then I contoured and highlighted her face and then applied a NARS blusher to her cheekbones and powdered the whole face. I then applied eyeliner to the waterlines and a pale pink eyeshadow all over the eyelid and then dark purple for the outer corner. I then applied false eyelashes to finish off the look.

Practising special effects makeup on myself. To create this wound I used scar wax, fresh scab and congealed blood.

I created this bruise on my own wrist. To create this I used red, blue, yellow and green grease based paints (mainly red and blue).

The first wound I created for a special effects makeup. To create this I used scar wax, fresh scab and congealed blood.

This photo is a hair, makeup and costume based on the theme Avant Garde. I created a black pattern on one side of the face and the chest and I applied fluorescent pink because I thought the colours would compliment each other. I also created rolls in the hair a used hair grips and hairspray to hold the hair in place and I created the skirt as I thought it would go well with the whole look and the theme for the costume was upcycling so I used old netting.

A photo from my assessment on sex reversal. I used highlighting and contouring to change the face shape and turn it into a manly face shape I also darkened the eyebrows to make them look bushy. I also created a moustache and applied it to my model. My plan was to make her look like Adolf Hitler and I think she did end up looking a lot like him.

Close up of the makeup which I created for my Avant Garde assessment. I created a black line pattern on the face with fluorescent pink watercolour paint on the eyes and the lips.

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