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#SHAMOLI’s and #VRUDEVJEWELS are back, with a louder bang than ever. Date: 21st and 22nd October Timings: 11 am to 8 pm Venue: Anay Gallery, next to KFC, opp Prahladnagar Garden, Ahmedabad. Contact: 8238065232 #Exhibition #Fashion #Clothing #Jewellery #CityShorAhmedabad

NEEPA HIREN Exhibit Silver Jewellery at Showcase Gallery On 8th September, Between 10 am to 8 pm, at Showcase Gallery, besides Bandhej, opp Venus Atlantis, Prahladnagar. #Exhibition #Jewellery #Accessories #Fashion #NeepaHirenJewels

Short Ruby Choker Necklace

Short Ruby Choker Necklace Designs, Short Choker Necklace Design.

What a beautiful large low bun with gajra & juda pins! Care however should be taken before adopting such hairstyles, as due to it's high static charge, it will cause phlegm to move up in the throat, causing the voice to quaver & a frequent urge to clear the throat. A heavy chabi chhalla with a long & wide hook if inserted at the edge of the pleats of the saree, will reduce this problem as it's hook will activate the acupressure points that act to keep the throat clear.