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World’s most expensive food! What price you can imagine for the world’s most expensive food? Lets take a look at some of it.One of the Most Expensive Desert Place: Serendipity 3, New York Price: 25,000...... Read more at


Know Why Failure is Necessary? Nobody wants to fail in his/her life, but failure is inevitable. Virtually it’s impossible to be immune from failure, one day everyone has to face it in any arena of life. But failure isn’t that bad as we perceive and it’s just a phase of life. Failure teaches us many things..... Read more at


Phones And Smokes: 10 Creepy Similarities!! Very good article i have found about the similarity between the cigarettes and mobile phones at Techtree. We’d all agree that cell phones are addictive. Even most of us feel uncomfortable if out mobile phone is not with us for some longer time. But do you know that the similarities between these.... Read more at


Secrets to a happy family. Your family bliss can be found in sweating it out with your kids, playing a goofy game of charades and Kyle Richards, a star of Bravo’s reality TV series “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” according to best-selling author Bruce Feiler...... Read more at


Buddha says you are awakened only when these three sleeps are broken. One sleep is the sleep with things: many people are asleep there, that is the grossest sleep. Millions of people, ninety-eight percent of the people are asleep there — the first and grossest sleep, the sleep with things. One goes on thinking about his bank balance, one goes on thinking about the house, about clothes, about this and that — and one lives in that. There are people who only study catalogs for things….

Sometimes we think that we don’t have time enough to settle down the things and we get failed at many levels in managing the tasks we are given at professional as well as at personal end. Let’s try to get organized and solve out major problems. ... ...

William James has aptly said that, “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” “STRESS” has become very common word now days. In 21st century we all have bulks and bulks of expectations from our life, relationships, colleagues, friends and the people whom we meet often. .. ...

Oh yes… You can have perfect health by spending just TEN MINUTES everyday with this proven health secret. All of us are in scarcity of time and Money, especially in case of our health and fitness we always feel short of time. Don’t worry more about this problem, as we have found a good solution for you… Feeling Surprised!! It’s true… we have brought a very interesting exercise routine for our valued readers and that is only of TEN MINUTES!!!

Yash raj films has released their most awaiting upcoming movie Dhoom 3′s new trailor showing aamir knan nd katrina kaif. Trailer looks really promising and we can expect that the year 2013 end will be a real DHOOM for the viewers!!

In an Interview Bill Gates talked about the common things between him and facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. “We both dropped out of Harvard.”, Mr. Gates said. “I actually even gave a lecture at Harvard that said, if you have a great idea, don’t worry about dropping out and he attended that lecture. So it is a funny connection there.” Lets take a look at 5 college dropouts who are billionaire now :)