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9 Types of Muscle Tension Caused by Trapped Emotions ⋆ LonerWolf

Your body stores every emotional experience you've ever had. In order to release this pain, you need to discover what your muscle tension means. Find out!

Wellness Wednesday..Serotonin

#wellnesswednesday ▫️What is serotonin? Serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter, a type of chemical that helps relay signals from one area of the brain to another. Although serotonin is manufactured i…

Reprogram your mind with positivity and eliminate stress and anxiety

Reprogram your mind to elimininate stress and anxiety using the power of positivity. Reprogramming your mind for positivity can improve the way you feel.

This Crazy Whole Life - Build a life of joy and love. Change the world

reclaim your spiritual life, connect with the Divine, and build a life that is whole, honest, and will help heal the world (yes, you). My Complete Guide to…

7 Powerful Reasons Why You Need Essential Oils Eczema - Aromatherapy 4 Mom

Essential oils eczema are natural oils that are extracts from plants and natural herbs which contain good fragrance together with properties of the...

Plant Romance on Instagram: “Did you know most Serotonin is found in the gut, not the brain?!? 🧠 In

5,868 Likes, 99 Comments - Plant Romance (@plantromance) on Instagram: “Did you know most Serotonin is found in the gut, not the brain?!? 🧠 In the gut, serotonin acts as a…”

Ferritin and Thyroid Hair Loss - Overcoming Auto

In this article, we'll discuss the primary cause of thyroid related hair loss- low ferritin levels. We'll also look at some of the main causes of low ferritin and what you can do to improve your ferritin iron levels and fix your hair loss. As frustrating as fatigue, cold hands and feet, and brain fog […]

10 Natural Remedies to Boost Your Happy Hormones

Today we are going to showcase "10 Natural Remedies to Boost Your Happy Hormones" Check out these 10 easy ways to hack positive neurochemicals:

How Does Stress Affect A Woman’s Body?

A woman’s body works very differently than a man’s body. It’s obvious than women go through a lot more hormonal changes than a man; in such a situation how does stress affect the entire bodily functions of a women? Read this interesting piece on women and stress. Infographic by – EmpowHER

Use Baking Soda to Speed-Up the Weight-Loss Process - Abundator

Losing the excess weight is one of the hardest things to do, especially in today’s society where we are surrounded

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How a wrecked thyroid can cause weight gain, insulin resistance, and insomnia.

Solving the mystery behind your thyroid-sleep connection.