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3. Sacred Geometry

The word “sacred” is synonymous with the concept of “divine/sky.” The word “geometry” comes from the Greek words “geos/earth” and “metron/ measure.” Together this translates as the “divine measurin…


Vintage illustration of Sound Vibration Patterns.

What Are Planets, Stars or Nakshatra and Zodiac Signs ?

Black magic solutions by astrologer of india. Kala jadu ka tod in hindi, kaise dur kare kale jadoo ko, how to cut black magic vashikaran, how to cut kala jadu, easy remedies of black magic. Astrologer in ujjain for rashifal, predictions, remedies, horoscope reading, gems stone, black magic solution, kala jadu protection, siddha yantras. Astrology lessons by astrologer to learn jyotish online, best astrologer to learn astrology, palmistry, numerology. World best astrology site of astroshree…

Gayatri Mantra, Sanskrit, 108 iterations

Artist registry

Risultati immagini per genealogical tree of hindu gods

Il Mahābhārata, il grande poema epico dell'induismo

Il Mahābhārata ( [mɐɦaːˈbʱaːrɐtɐ] ; devanāgarī : महाभारत, "La grande [storia] dei Bhārata" da intendersi come "La grande [storia]...

Matrikachakram - This shows all 300 Ligatures in the Sanskrit / Devanagari Varnamala (Alphabet)

Matrikachakram - This shows all 300 Ligatures in the Sanskrit / Devanagari Varnamala (Alphabet)

Our physical body is the body we see and feel every day. It is the body we love and nurture to live a strong and healthy life. Through our physical body we are able to delight in the senses and experience the amazing gift of feeling alive and what it means to be human. We…

names of all the 100 Kauravas, Mahabharata,family Tree

Names of 100 Kauravas Mahabharata Family Tree

Many have asked me in person and on email the names of all the Kauravas in The Mahabharata. I am furnishing the List. Sons. Duryodhanan Dussaasanan Dussahan Dussalan Jalagandhan Saman Sahan …

10 Amazing Facts About Sri Yantra, Its Benefits, Secrets & Use

The spiritual geometric pattern used to unravel secrets of the Universe.

Devalaya; Vastu; Temple Architecture; – sreenivasarao's blogs

Posts about Devalaya; Vastu; Temple Architecture; written by sreenivasaraos

13 Mile Long Crop Circle-like Formation Found In Oregon | Paranormal | Before It's News

13 Mile Long Crop Circle-like Formation Found In Oregon 13.3 miles of lines were carved into a dry-lake bed in Oregon. What was discovered looked like a Crop Circle in the middle of the Desert… A perfect “Sri Yantra Mandala Formation”. This ancient symbol was so precise it was flawless…

The 7 Chakras Mandala Bundle, Mandala DXF files, Chakras Mandala Dxf Files For Laser, Mandala Svg Bundle, Laser Cut mandala files

The multilayer mandala is an original, unique and creative design for your ideas! You can use it for home decor, wall decor or as a gift for your friends and loved ones. - 1st chakra: Root – Muladhara - 2nd chakra: Sacral - Svadhishthana - 3rd chakra: Solar plexus - Manipur - 4th chakra: Heart - Anahata - 5th chakra: Throat - Vishuddha - 6th chakra: Third eye – Ajna - 7th chakra: Crown – Sahasrara PLEASE NOTE! This is a digital product! No physical products will be sent to you! You will…

Sacred Geometry – Mandala

The meeting between the feminine and masculine means the six angles (forward-back-down-left-right-below). The meeting between the triangles happens in space (square). The movement between the four …