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Learn Manga: Bishounen Boys - Draw the head by Naschi on deviantART

My Tutorial FOolder If you want to learn to draw manga with us join our new group I made this part of this tutorial for my new Bishounen course. Learn Manga: Bishounen Boys - Draw the head

How to draw arms crossed

Arms crossed tutorial - ive never actually drawn a dude before. Ive got three brothers, so for some weird reason theyd think its weird if i tried in front of them.

Little Art Reference things

Problem with drawing arm and body . How to draw torso, shoulder and arm together. Here is a BASIC video tutorial of how to draw a torso .

Hair for reference

"How to Draw Hair tutorial by =ribkaDory on deviantART: by drawing the ends and hairs at hairline close together you can create shading and a sense of form. This will help if you are into drawing people.