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DIY stiffened felt boxes

A blog with DIY tutorials, graphic design resources, and inspiration from graphic designer Jessica Jones.

DIY Herbal Shampoo, (Shikakai shampoo), (Amla) (Soapnuts) (Homemade Shampoo) (no… DIY Herbal Shampoo, (Shikakai shampoo), (Amla) (Soapnuts) (Homemade Shampoo) (no poo method) (shampoo recipe) (no poo shampoo) - Station Of Colored Hairs Diy Hair Care, Hair Care Tips, Hair Tips, Ayurveda Hair Care, Shikakai Shampoo, Diy Shampoo, Soap Nuts Shampoo, No Shampoo Method, Be Natural

DIY Herbal Shampoo

A good shampoo that suits your hair type is the holy grail of hair care. I have not been that fortunate in finding a shampoo that is perfect for me (till now...I am still tweaking). I have paid my dues though, I tried home remedies, a banana paste therapy which left out bits of banana in my…

Indian Wedding Checklist for the Bride (Indian Bridal Checklist) (Indian wedding., planner meme Indian Wedding Checklist for the Bride (Indian Bridal Checklist) (Indian wedding. Wedding Preparation Checklist, Wedding Planner Checklist, Wedding Planner Binder, Indian Wedding Planner, Wedding Planning Timeline, Best Wedding Planner, Wedding List, Budget Wedding, Wedding Ideas

Free Bridal Checklist + Tips to Plan an Indian Wedding

I was a bride quite recently and survived a nerve-racking long-distance planning. Throughout which I so missed a planned system or a checklist that could guide me through my tasks, to-dos and must-haves. There are always last minute emergencies and unforeseen changes that comprise an Indian wedding. The myriad functions, the ceremonies, the multitude of guests can easily…

Organize Manuals and Warranties (organize manuals), (organize warranties), (organize Instruction manuals) (manuals and warranties binder) Organization Station, Binder Organization, Organization Ideas, Project Ideas, Projects, Good To Know, Manual, Organize, Hacks

Hacks for Home: Organizing Manuals and Warranties

I aspire to evolve our home with new ideas, solutions and inspirations. Some changes that I make are meaty enough to share and have been a part of my blogging journey, others are really small, although with a great impact but never made the cut to feature. This series of posts is like a cheat -sheet on HOME -HACKS or simple (mostly organizational) projects that I have taken up around…

Nuts and Bolts Organization (Hardware Organization) (Nuts and bolts storage) Junk Drawer Organizing, Garage Organization, Hardware Organizer, Just In Case, Divider, Diy Crafts, Storage, Cleaning, Box

Organizing The Ultimate Junk Drawer

Living in a rental means big time unintentional hoarding. I have accumulated tons of odd hardware, sockets, door knobs and fixtures taken down from the house and stashed into the 'just in case' aka the junk drawer. The blogosphere refers to junk drawers as mostly small useful knick-knacks from around the house. This post is a real-world-JUNK drawer transformation. I have no…

Take care of your cord clutter with these simple tips on cords and cable organization (Organizing cords) (Cord Management) (Organize cables) (Reduce Cord Clutter) (Cable and cord Organizer) (organize wires) (charger organization) Charger Organization, Organizing Wires, Cord Management, Cable Organizer, Take Care Of Yourself, Cords, Clutter, Simple, Tips

Organizing and Managing your Cords

Cords are mayhem.....period. I wish they were not absolutely necessary for daily existence of the gadgets'(read...this crazy lady). It makes me cringe every time I find an empty charger plugged into a socket with dangling wire. But over time and with great difficulty I have come up with my own little ways of handling the cord clutter and…

Hacks for Home: Organizing Credit/Debit and Loyalty Cards Card Organizer, Organizers, Loyalty Cards, Gift Cards, Credit Cards, Card Case, Hairstyles, Organization, Wallet

Hacks for Home: Organizing Credit/Debit and Loyalty Cards

Is your household also sent into a frenzy when you can not find that one little wretched debit card? "I kept it right here!! I swear!!" is what we hear a lot in this house when that happens. Soon, it's a full blown Missing Cards's Case, witnesses are called, testimonies recorded, last known whereabouts traced (if only there…

great way to keep knick-knacks organized in ur handbag or laptop bag American Girl, Tool Organization, Organizing, Hacks, Laptop Bag, Diaper Bag, Ipad, Pouch, Diy

An inside view of Groupon's Bangalore and Chennai offices

At the Groupon offices in Bangalore and Chennai India, we build some of the best digital products and support customers around the world.

[Home Design with Style] Handbag Organization - buy designer handbags, stone mountain handbags, designer handbags that start with b Laundry Room Organization, Handbag Organization, Jewelry Organization, Organization Hacks, Organizing, Stone Mountain Handbags, White And Gold Decor, The Knack, Wedding Planning Websites

Handbag Organization

Disclaimer: My bag was in such bad shape that even the blogger in me could not click a "before" picture of the actual bag spill. That opening image above is a fictional stylized mess with only select articles, in reality poly-bags, loom bands, hair strands, candy wrappers and crumbs were the less glamorous co-inhabitants, purposely left out…

Hacks for Home: How to Store Medicines Medicine Organization, Home Hacks, Organizing, How To Make, Inspiration, Ideas, Biblical Inspiration, Household Tips, Thoughts

Hacks for Home: How to Store Medicines

I aspire to evolve our home with new ideas, solutions and inspirations. Some changes that I make are meaty enough to share and have been a part of my blogging journey, others are really small, although with a great impact but never made the cut to feature. This series of posts is like a cheat -sheet on HOME -HACKS or simple (mostly organizational) projects that I have taken up around…

Travel Organized with a Checklist, Tips and more (Packing checklist) (Vacation Checklist) (Travelers List) Travel Packing Checklist, Vacation Checklist, Travel Organization, Organizing, Mesh Laundry Bags, Fear Of Flying, Good To Know, Things To Think About, Free

How to Pack for International Travel {Free Checklist}

Packing can keep me sleepless!! I always have anxiety induced insomnia when I have to travel, even thought it's partly due to my fear of flying the rest is a persistent mind that would not shut off from the fear of forgetting to pack something. I am a checklist and memo kinda gal, I have even…

Organizing Spices in an Indian Kitchen Spice Organization, Organizing, Indian Kitchen, Kitchens, Spices, Dishes, Indian Cuisine, Plate, Kitchen

Organizing Spices for an Indian Kitchen

Why am I adding the 'Indian kitchen' as a suffix....?? Well, mostly, because there is no dearth of spices in an Indian kitchen...we have at-least five staple spices going in each dish. While, I do have a spice box(masaldani) this post is about how I keep my spices stored and organized. I have two pull out…

Organize your daily makeup essentials Lip Pencil, My Essentials, Makeup Essentials, Daily Makeup, Lip Makeup, Bindi, Makeup Organization, Lip Balm

Daily Makeup Organization + Free Printable

Today, when I was going through a routine cleaning atop the chest of drawers in my bedroom I realized my daily-makeup organizer has not been a topic on the blog yet. So here we are....let's see how I keep my essential makeup and skin care items handy for a quick touch up before I step out.…

Top five Indian websites for Home Goods Pet Websites, Organization, Organizing, Home Goods, My Favorite Things, Decor Ideas, Tops, Check, Organisation

Top five Indian websites for home goods

There are always those pet websites we tend to check out for all our home related needs be it furniture, small organizers or just random accessories for bathroom, kitchen or anywhere in the home. These are couple of my favorites on the basis of my number of purchases and frequency of visiting. 1. I always have items on…

Kitchen Organizing- Corner cabinet Kitchen Organization, Organizing, Flour Storage, Kitchen Corner, Kitchens, Cabinet, Home Decor, Clothes Stand, Homemade Home Decor

Organizing Kitchen Corner Cabinet

They are the most difficult places in a kitchen to organize....A CORNER CABINET. Here have a look at mine. I live in a rental so there is very little I could do to make life easier for me when I have to grab some heavy duty stuff like pressure cookers, huge woks and flour storage…